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Delivering your SmartCore solution

We deliver a working solution in less time that it takes to document requirements

Our implementation approach is to work in short iterative cycles, in close collaboration with customer stakeholders and users, with feedback being immediately incorporated into the application. Our agile delivery framework enables the combined customer and Ninth Wave implementation team to deliver application functionality in a controlled, incremental and evolutionary manner.

We are aware that requirements in some areas will often need clarification and are prone to change, particularly where best practice methods and processes are being reviewed and the customer is looking to SmartCore to help them effect a transition to a new business model.


The benefit of our approach is that customers can perfect their application through iteration. It is much easier to review a working model with end users than it is to discuss a paper specification. The model can then be modified based on the feedback received and re-evaluated by the end user a short time later.


Not only does our approach produce tangible results and quick wins in short timescales, but it also aids user adoption and leads to high customer satisfaction ratings, as customers are able to realise immediate, practical business benefits.

Ninth Wave Implementation Approach
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