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Specialists in PPM tooling

Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis
Commercial Director

Jon joined Ninth Wave as a director in 1997 after eleven years as a consultant and group manager with KPMG, having previously worked for the UK Ministry of Defence and C Squared Systems. He is a chartered engineer with more than 25 years' experience in project and programme management, IT consultancy and practice management. 

Richard Meakin
Richard Meakin
Technical Director

Richard co-founded Ninth Wave in 1995 after eight years as a consultant and manager with KPMG and two years as a product manager with ACT.  With more than 25 years' experience, he is a specialist in IT project and programme management within the financial sector.  An experienced lecturer in project management, Richard has developed project management training courses, methodologies, databases and software tools. Richard is responsible for the roadmap development, of SmartCore.

Mark Dobryniewski
Mark Dobryniewski
Sales Director

Mark re-joined Ninth Wave in 2011, having previously worked for us from 2003-2007.  A mechanical engineer with more than 15 years' in solution sales, he has previously worked with Portico, Lighthouse Systems and Walther Trowal.

Karen Bennett
Pre-sales Lead

Karen joined Ninth Wave in 2000 and is one of our longest serving members of staff.  Karen started with Ninth Wave as our Business Manager, has led our implementation consulting team and is now responsible for Pre-sales product development.  Karen has delivered and supported SmartCore solutions for Lloyds Banking Group, Phoenix Group, the London Borough of Richmond and the UK Rail Safety & Standards Board.

William Dickson
William Dickson
Implementation Lead

William joined Ninth Wave in 2007 and now leads our implementation consulting team.  A Software Engineering graduate from the University of Durham, William has delivered and supported SmartCore solutions for a range of clients including KPMG, LCH.Clearnet, Jaguar Land Rover, Thales, KBR, Tokio Marine Kiln, Lloyds Banking Group and the Phoenix Group.

Gareth Pendleton
Gareth Pendleton
Technical Lead

Gareth joined Ninth Wave in 2000 and is one of our longest serving members of staff.  A Computer Science Graduate from the University of Manchester, Gareth has played a key role in the development of each major release of Ninth Wave's software solutions and is the senior systems architect for SmartCore.

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