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You will have heard of P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) before but that's not the full story; SmartCore P4M incorporates Process Management as well.  Process management is key to your organisation's success, providing the framework that underpins and delivers your strategy.

It is vital to consider the entire end-to-end process of your change management framework from strategy formulation through project execution to benefits delivery.  Implementing P4M fully in a single application enables the business to implement and control its complete strategic cycle in one place, allowing direct feedback and feedforward and traceability throughout the entire process.

PPM Cycle
The Path to P4M with SmartCore

You may not currently have any form of system that holds your PPM data.  It may sit isolated in spreadsheets, documents, presentations and emails.  Some organisations already have some form of PPM system, whether that's a home-grown database or an unsupported SharePoint site that's not fit for purpose.  Either way, we'll help you get this data into your SmartCore solution so you can manage the whole life cycle in one place.

A passive system is one which is purely a repository of information and does nothing beyond reporting what's been entered into it.  Passive systems suck!  There is very little benefit to implementing a passive system as it will not give you any insights or process control.  Many off-the-shelf PPM systems are simply passive systems.

Active systems allow you to see the wood for the trees.  Active systems like SmartCore are intelligent and allow you to focus on Project Portfolio Management rather than chasing, emailing and reporting.  Here's just a few of the tools in SmartCore designed to bring your data to life.

Exception reporting & dashboards

You only need see and focus on the problems.  Use SmartCore's intuitive tiles interface to highlight outstanding items, potential issues, areas of concern and non-compliance and items pending authorisation or approval and so forth.

Automated reminders & escalations

Setup business rules to remind and escalate when thresholds are breached.  Assign SLAs to tasks and track performance over time to find your bottlenecks.

Follow a process

Use SmartCore's workflow engine to track progress through your business processes.  Set up permissions, rules and notifications to ensure your governance processes are followed.

However, an active system is not enough.  Your business does not stand still and nor should your PPM system, it must keep pace with changes both internal and external to your organisation.  It is not enough to implement a solution that meets your current needs; you need to make sure it is capable of meeting any future requirements.  An evolving system like SmartCore can be easily flexed to meet both your current and future requirements.  It is fully configurable allowing you to record any information, adapt to any process and publish any report.

We have been implementing PPM systems for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience in helping organisations deploy and adopt SmartCore solutions.  We are here to guide you on this journey together.

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