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Liberate your spreadsheets

Harness the full power of SmartCore PPM by engaging us to create your business application.

The SmartCore engine is a fully extensible meta-described application allowing configuration of data structures, screens, workflows, reports and business rules without any programming. We can replace your existing Microsoft Access database, SharePoint site or legacy spreadsheet system with a fully supported, scalable SmartCore solution in just a few weeks.  This user-friendly web-based system will be configured by our highly experienced team to meet the precise needs of your organisation, and can be further adapted and extended as your needs evolve.

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Our implementation consultants will engage with you and your colleagues to understand your existing systems and processes and identify where you’d like to improve them. We’ll draw on our extensive suite of out of the box software modules to configure a solution for you built on tried and tested technology.  Ninth Wave will help you migrate your data to SmartCore, provide training to key staff and provide ongoing support for the solution in use.


Hover over the screenshots below and take a look at some of the innovative apps that our Implementation Consultants have created!  Reach out to one of our lead consultants and discover how you can move on from that troublesome or outdated system.

Wellbeing Tracker

In these challenging times, it is important to keep in touch with your staff who may be working from home. 

SmartCore allows your employees to login and record their wellbeing status and provide executive updates to projects they are working on. 
This can be used to provide management information on the wellbeing of your employees and create ‘at risk’ groupings of employees not recently seen online. 

Parametric Estimating

Quickly calculate new product development cost using parametric data using questionnaires to model and vary features.  Interface to industry-leading cost estimating tools and report directly in SmartCore.

Track and model material, labour, tooling and setup costs.

Check out the Associate of Cost Engineer's review here.

Competitive Intelligence

Use SmartCore's built-in text and document search capabilities to find previous bids of similar value, sector or customer.

Upload publicly available competitor information and include these results in your searches for comparison.

Provide a hub for your bid management team to store and find both current and historic bid information.

Code Reviews

Connect SmartCore to your source code repository and peer review each commit into your repositories.

Attach business rules to these peer reviews so that commits are automatically escalated to periodic code reviews for the team.

Provide insight on problematic areas of the code base, common mistakes and areas for improvement within the team.

Requirements Prioritisation

Record requirements and assign a MoSCoW rating along with Business Value and Complexity.  Plot requirements in a Boston Matrix style view so you can quickly see which requirements will delivery maximum value at low risk.

Once requirements are agreed and prioritised view them against a traceability matrix to ensure all requirements have been included in the project schedule.

Server Monitoring

Use SmartCore's extensive interfacing capabilities to query external monitoring data about your infrastructure.  Collect and aggregate data from many difference sources into a single source of the truth.


Set alert thresholds and receive email notifications if these thresholds are breached.  Create dashboards and include the data in any of your reports.

Quality Management

Digitise your QMS in SmartCore - create as many quality audits as you like and track your compliance as audits are completed.  Use SmartCore's in-built action tracking to track non-compliances and their corrective actions.

Automatically produce audit reports for external auditors detailing audits performed, outcomes and actions.


Request a personalised demonstration today to understand how quick and easy it is to create custom applications large or small, simple or complex, stand-alone or integrated, for a handful  of users or for thousands of users. 

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