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Corporate social responsibility

Fighting Climate Change

A key benefit of SmartCore is that it enables thousands of users within and between organisations to share information and communicate from many different locations. Many of our clients are large organisations and our system has had a significant impact in improving the way they can securely share information internally without having to organise expensive meetings and workshops, and reducing the amount of business travel they need to undertake. As well as being able to collaborate with staff inside an organisation, SmartCore allows communication with external customers and service providers in a secure environment, which again reduces travel and saves time. As a software solution providing online dashboards and real-time reporting, SmartCore has reduced paper and printer usage.

Whilst Ninth Wave’s services have little environmental impact, as all of our operations are digital and can all be delivered remotely, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations further where we can. All our employees have access to tax free bikes for work (through Cyclescheme), and we repurpose or recycle all of our IT equipment once it has been properly cleaned of any business or customer data and files. Our IT infrastructure is hosted in two UK based data centres, which were carefully selected, not only for their security and performance credentials, but also for their environmental credentials in the efficient use of energy and their advanced green and carbon-neutral technologies - with server resources being shared between customers, this provides for a cleaner and energy saving system with minimal impact on the environment. 


In addition, Ninth Wave offsets all our carbon emissions by supporting community based verified carbon reduction projects.  These include the provision of efficient household cooking stoves in Nigeria and clean drinking water in Uganda, saving low-income families money and reducing deforestation. All projects in this portfolio are certified to the Gold Standard.

Tackling Economic Inequality

SmartCore is developed and delivered entirely by Ninth Wave’s own in-house, homegrown team in the UK. Whilst relatively small, we are proud to be a British company and, with SmartCore users worldwide, we believe we are helping to put the UK on the map as a centre of excellence for digital skills, creativity and innovation on the world stage through the development of our unique technology and by delivering a first-class product and service to all of our customers. This has been enabled by significant investment in both training in project management qualifications and technical skills and in the development and evolution of SmartCore, which was recognised when being awarded the distinguished Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2020.


Whilst the team is highly-experienced, Ninth Wave supports continuous improvement for all staff and new contracts are seen as opportunities for learning in the areas of consulting, technology and design and employees are encouraged to gain as much as possible from the experience to help support further business creation, new product innovations and economic growth.

In 2021 Ninth Wave transitioned to become an employee-owned business with the company now owned by the Ninth Wave Employee Ownership Trust on behalf of all staff, in order to provide long-term stability for the company, staff and customers.

Equal Opportunities

Ninth Wave affords all employees an environment that is free from physical, psychological and verbal harassment or other abusive conduct and ensures that all employees receive equal treatment regardless of age, sex, marital status, religion, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation and disability and actively embrace diversity, and respect and promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge from all. We also champion neurodiversity, a viewpoint that there is no one ‘right’ way of thinking, learning and behaving.


Whilst Ninth Wave does not have a legal obligation to produce a Modern Slavery Statement, we unreservedly condemn the practices of modern slavery and human trafficking and such practices have no place, and will find no support of any kind, within our organisation. We comply with all legal obligations in relation to our own staff and we expect our suppliers and customers to do the same.


Ninth Wave recognises that the wellbeing of its staff is the cornerstone of a successful business and that this is influenced by a company’s culture and values, which should not only guide the organisation towards future growth and innovation but also create happy, loyal and motivated employees. At Ninth Wave we believe we promote values that achieve this, such as respect, recognition and openness - with our customers, suppliers and each other. Ninth Wave encourages its employees to use their initiative, to offer their opinions and make decisions. This creates a positive environment, in which our staff flourish and are inspired to do their best and be fully committed to providing an excellent product and service.


Additionally, to improve employees’ mental health, well-being and work-life balance we organise company social events twice a month to assist with such issues as stress management and ensure that nobody feels alone - as well as to just have some fun! Activities include go-karting, archery, theatre and cinema trips, pub quizzes and escape rooms. These also include charity fundraising events as part of Ninth Wave’s charitable engagement within the local community and with national organisations.

We support a number of UK charities including Bede House, Crisis and Circus Starr.

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