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Your win-win solution

SmartCore is packaged software with all the advantages of a bespoke solution

Off-the-shelf systems

Pre-built, tried and tested based on the vendor's concept of industry best practice.

Rapid implementation, but software requires installation and updates on user PCs.

Fixed price on purchase, but often premium-rate charges for implementation, training, support etc.

Inflexible limited customisation. System can become obsolete when business changes.


Tried and tested engine with applications based on best practice templates, but adapted to fit your specific business processes.

Rapid configuration and immediate non-disruptive incremental deployment.

Fixed price for engine and daily configuration rate. Iterative business testing, change review & approval to proceed for each step.

Total configurability without programming allows rapid adjustments as requirements evolve.

Bespoke systems

Built from scratch to fit pre-established and strictly controlled detailed specifications.

Long development and testing lead-time prior to 'go-live.'

Final costs often substantially over initial budget.

Final product may not fit evolved requirements and changes cause disruption and delay.

Become a business champion by implementing SmartCore!

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