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risk management


Everything in one place


Assess and monitor all of your project and non-project risks in one place with project, programme and portfolio risk dashboards.  Identify and classify common risks across your portfolio and take collective action.  Define escalation paths in SmartCore so projects can obtain help on risk mitigation quickly and effectively to minimise the impact on schedule, cost, delivery and quality.

Risk Register & Risk Quadrants
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SmartCore has fully integrated action management and workflow to create, assign, track and audit risk mitigation actions.  Incorporate SLAs and quality metrics to ensure risks are being assessed regularly and managed according to their categorisation.


Clearly differentiate between proactive and reactive risk management in SmartCore using the Bowtie method.  Record your hazards, events, threats, consequences and barriers to visualise your complex risks as an interactive bowtie diagram and improve awareness of the overall risk picture.  Assign roles and responsibilities to elements in the bowtie simply by clicking on the element in the diagram.

Risk Bowtie Analysis
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