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SmartCore PPM


Rigour without rigidity

Project Dashboard

Manage your entire project lifecycle, from capturing ideas to benefits realisation, using analytics, workflows and toolsets to deliver agile, waterfall and hybrid projects on time and in budget.


SmartCore provides a consolidated view of your entire programme or project with the ability to drill down on any data item and to any level. Enhance your understanding of the data and of the reasons behind the figures with a click of the mouse.

Create, update and track plans, milestones and resources. Analyse risks and financials and progress decisions and approvals through defined workflows.

Analyse, select, prioritise and manage your organisation's programmes and  projects in alignment with your organisation's strategic objectives and capacity to deliver, with SmartCore portfolio management.

Prioritise high-value activities, zero in on poorly performing projects and achieve a balance between Change and Business As Usual whilst optimising ROI.

Analytical Hierarchy Process
Availability heat map

Gain control over your resources and their utilisation using intuitive dashboards, alongside workflow and SmartCore's intelligent skills matching capability to suggest and assign appropriate resources to any request for optimal planning.

Construct what-if portfolio scenarios and drag-and-drop your projects to balance portfolio demand to the current or proposed Target Operating Models, and identify skill gaps.

Collect and track actual resource costs and ETC using SmartCore timesheets or by connecting to existing timesheet solutions.

Enable joined up thinking when it comes to delivering agile, waterfall and hybrid projects. 

SmartCore's configured views and workflow allows cross-functional and self-organising teams to deliver change that embodies value-driven delivery and continuous improvement and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

Plan and manage sprints using Kanban and Scrum Boards and track progress using burn-down and agile EVM metrics and more.

Kanban Board
KPI Tracking

Streamline Process Management with intelligent workflows that connect teams and systems, align communications, eliminate rework and boost productivity and efficiency.

Use SmartCore to analyse, measure, improve, optimise, and automate repeatable processes, alerts, and workflows.


Assist users with wizards, embed process with wikis and alert users with tile-based dashboards.


Move from silos to a scalable, integrated, agile paradigm by unifying people, data and disparate systems.

Identify, evaluate, prioritise and escalate risks and issues across your portfolio to improve visibility, collaboration and resolution of these events.

Take the risk out of your organisation’s risk management and profiling with SmartCore, which enables all of your risks and issues to be managed in one place.  Configurable workflows and controls ensure conformance to your own methodology, policies and processes.  SmartCore risk and issue dashboards, which are available at each level of your hierarchy, include risk probability and impact matrices and bow-tie diagrams. 

Risk Bowtie Analysis
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