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With over 20 years of PPM experience in a wide variety of sectors, including government, finance and technology, SmartCore is a proven web-based PPM solution and we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations even as their business changes.

Your problem is our business

Our experienced and qualified PPM professionals will work to meet your unique opportunities and challenges.  The Ninth Wave team strives to provide insightful and effective solutions for every circumstance.  When providing solutions for our customers, we focus on the rapid delivery of usable functionality to provide immediate results and benefits.

Getting it right
for you

Our fast, iterative implementation approach eliminates unnecessary activity and risk and ensures that your SmartCore system is delivered quickly, effectively and working exactly as you want it to. We provide all end-to-end services from business analysis to data loading and training.

Making project management simple

SmartCore is a configurable enterprise PPM solution that enables our customers to make informed decisions with clear insights into their project finances, risks, resources and much more. Collaborate and integrate across your enterprise from a single, intuitive solution.

One size never
fits all

No two organisations are the same and your PPM solution should flex to meet your needs not the other way around. SmartCore is built from the ground up to be malleable and to be moulded entirely around how you and your organisation need to work.

A smart solution in an ever changing world

Your business doesn't stand still and neither do we. SmartCore is designed to evolve as your business changes and, additionally, it will be quickly delivered and supported by a skilled and experienced implementation team.

You're in good company ... SmartCore is already working with many organisations across the world

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